A Company Is Modifying Nike Sneakers With LEDs


If you want to take your sneaker game to the next level, you need some LEDs! Light up sneakers have been around for years, but the sneaker customizers at Evolved Footwear are taking an old concept and giving it new life.

Evolved Footwear specializes in modifying sneakers with LED lighting. Originally launched in 2004, the brand has spent years perfecting its craft, working to create a durable, long-lasting LED system. They offer a wide range of illuminated sneakers, and they also accepts custom orders if you want to send in your own pair, which will set you back $60 plus shipping. (But your sneakers must be new, they won’t work on your stinky shoes)

They’re a great way to stand out from the crowd, and you can learn all about how the lights work here. I don’t know how practical one of these are (especially since the air bubble gets cut open), but they’ll definitely get you some attention.



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