Bosh, Wade Prepare For New Challenge

Chris Bosh & Dwyane Wade

When Lebron James announced that he was going back to the Cleveland Cavaliers, it was an end of an era in South Beach. He was able to win a pair of NBA championships with the Miami Heat, and he also made the NBA finals all 4 seasons he wore the jersey. Now, the team looks to move on, as 2 of the big 3 still remain on the squad. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade have certainly heard the doubters, and they are putting in the work to show that they are still contenders in the Eastern conference.

Things did not exactly and as planned last season for the Miami Heat. They were looking for their 3rd straight NBA championship, and they were rolling going into the NBA finals. However, pretty much the only player to show up for Miami against the San Antonio Spurs was James. He found himself in a very tough situation, and as a free agent he decided to go home to join a younger and perhaps more promising team.

Even though James never came out and said anything like that, Bosh and Wade will likely come out with a chip on their shoulder going into the coming year. These guys are very prideful players, and both will be heading to the Hall of Fame at the end of their career. They still have a very solid team, and all that is really necessary is for them to step things up another level in fantasy basketball. It would also help if they are able to stay healthy, but that is kind of out of the player’s control most of the time.

Wade is the older of the two, and he has spent all summer trying to prepare for another grueling season. People in fantasy basketball who feel like he is going to have a bounce back season should be aware that Miami is likely going to give him some rest periodically through the regular season. He might not actually be injured, but they want to keep him fresh for the most support in part of the year.

Bosh is probably going to benefit the most from James no longer being on the team. He is going to have more shot attempts, and he is also probably going to grab a few more rebounds throughout the year. If he can continue to shoot with high-efficiency, he is going to be one of the most effective post players in the NBA. Miami can only hope that the big 2 will be able to prevent a huge drop-off from where the big 3 has been the last few years.

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