Sponsored Video: CNBC Takes You Inside The World Of Sports Betting In ‘Money Talks’

CNBC - Money Talks

CNBC is about to air a new series called Money Talks that pulls back the curtains on the world of sports betting. Now as someone who’s been known to bet on their fair share of basketball games over the years, I’m really curious to check out this show and see how the whole Vegas sports handicapping world works. The show follows Steve Stevens, the self-proclaimed ‘Michael Jordan’ of sports handicapping, who claims his picks are right over 60% of the time!

Each one-hour episode follows Stevens and his agents who sell their picks to gamblers looking for any kind of edge. From small-time bettors to big-time whales who can wager as much as six figures on a single game. This is a world built on high risk, high emotions and high rewards. But in a city like Vegas, with distractions and every imaginable vice, Stevens needs to keep his agents focused on building new business while he entertains big time bettors who come with big bankrolls and even bigger expectations.

Watch the extended sneak peek for Money Talks:

I’ll be tuning in this Wednesday to watch the premiere of Money Talks, will you?

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