Customized Wooden Sneaker Boxes From Good Wood NYC

Good Wood NYC Sneaker Box - 1

Adding to its extensive line of distinctive wooden accessories and creations is Good Wood NYC’s newest line of customized sneaker boxes. The brand’s skilled craftsmen and trendsetters have now made available custom made sneaker boxes that enable customers to submit their own designs or logos to be engraved onto their own sneaker box. These boxes will go on sale via the Good Wood website starting October 24th

“We always strive to create the best quality and hottest products on the market for our customers,” said Rich Foster, Marketing Director at Good Wood NYC. “Whether a sneakerhead or fan of the brand, these boxes are one-of-a kind pieces that can really showcase personality of an individual.”

Good Wood NYC Sneaker Box - 2

The boxes come in two styles – a lift off box or slide box, and they’re made with Baltic Birchwood. Customers can submit an image of their favorite logo or design to the Good Wood online order form on the company’s website to create their own box. The starting price of a box is $100 and increases with the complexity of the design.

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