Derrick Rose Injury Update

Derrick Rose

According to many sources, Derrick Rose could have been out all season long. But I don’t think that’ll be the case, as he looks to be on track if not ahead of schedule for his return. With adidas’s #TheReturn videos, Derrick and adidas have touched many people. As many of you know, Derrick tore his ACL in the first game of the playoffs last year. But not even that could stop him from being amazing in a lot of peoples eyes. His heart, love for the game, dedication and hard work will pay off when he returns to the court.

As of last week, Thibs gave Bulls fans the news they have been waiting for – Derrick has started cutting (a quick move to the basket), a very scary thing to do when recovering from a major knee injury. Thibs said the following:

It’s the next step for him. Everything is going according to plan; He’s not ahead of schedule, he’s not behind schedule, he’s exactly where he should be. He’s doing great, You have to be patient with it. He’s been very diligent, he’s in every day. He’s moving along. He started cutting, he’s been shooting for a while now, he feels pretty good so we just have to be patient. We’re going to do what we think is best for both the team and Derrick, So on this trip, I like him being in one place, so he may meet us out in L.A., but for him the rehab has to be the priority, so that’s what I want him to focus in on. For us, it’s a long trip and we’re going to be jumping around so he’ll be on the trip for part of it, he’ll meet us out in L.A.”

For us, he’s in every day so they see how hard he’s working at his rehab, he’s around his teammates, but we can’t use that as a crutch, You can’t replace a guy like Derrick individually, your only chance is if you’re doing it collectively. So we need everybody else to focus in on knowing what their job is, doing their job, and then doing it as a team. For us, that’s our only chance. Whether Derrick’s there or not, our approach and our attitude, that shouldn’t change. And the focus has to be on our improvement and that’s where we want it to be.

All I know is that I can’t wait for his return to the court once again!

Photo Credit: Keith Allison (cc)

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