March Madness Prospects

NCAA March Madness Tournament

The NCAA annual spring basketball tournament is due to start. In what has become one of the biggest sporting events in America, it gives the NBA scouts the perfect opportunity to draft up a wish list of potential draftees. So, which players are we expecting to stand out in the March Madness, and which teams look likely to rock the NCAA odds?

Jabari Parker, Duke

Without a doubt the best collegiate player out there at the minute is Jabari Parker. The son of former Golden State Warriors player Sonny Parker, Jabari has been tipped for a big future in the sport. With a 19.3 Points-Per-Game (PPG) and an 8.8 Rebounds-Per-Game (RPG), Parker is one of the best scorers in the NCAA. He has the required skillset to emulate one LeBron James, who looks set to guide his Miami Heat (11/5 favourites with Titan Bet) to another NBA title. A solid NCAA tournament should see Parker establish himself as the first pick of the draft. With the LA Lakers missing out on the Play-Offs for the first time since 2005, they look the likely side to acquire the Chicago native. They would be fools not to.

Andrew Wiggins, Kansas SF

Alongside Parker, Wiggins is the most exciting prospect that will be entering the draft. If his performances in the Big 12 are anything to go by he should tear up the NCAA tournament. His stats for this season thus far make for very good reading. He has a 17.4 PPG average and a 6.0 RPG average. When Wiggins plays aggressively he is one of the best players to watch. His constant dribbling attack can be too much for opposition defences, while defensively he is very confident in knocking down jumpers. It is a toss-up between him and Parker for the first draft pick, but what is for sure is that both will go on to achieve superstardom.

Julius Randle, Kentucky

At 6-foot-9, Randle is a beast on the court. While he hasn’t managed to keep up with the blistering pace of Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins, he is still a player to keep an eye on.  The 19-year-old is a constant presence on the court and even though his scoring this season has not been overwhelming, he is more than capable of facing up opposition and punishing them. If the Wildcats can have a decent run in Big Dance and Randle improves his 15.0 PPG average then he will be highly sought after.

Gary Harris, Michigan State

The youngster has made the Spartans one of the hottest teams in the NCAA. They enter the Big Dance as fourth seeds. With a 17.1 PPG average his isn’t the most lethal scorer in the draft but his all-round game is very impressive. His off the ball movement is second to none, which makes his point guards job a lot easier, while this season his defensive play and ball handling has improved tenfold. Expect to see Harris move in the first round of draft picks.

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