Miami Heat 2010-11 Championship Odds

Yes. This is exactly what you think it is – yet another piece about the Miami Heat in the ongoing saga that has become affectionately known in some circles simply as The Man who Broke Cleveland’s Heart.

However, don’t slip up in thinking this is some glowing fan piece about the team or even a disgruntled naysayer’s outcry about the overhyping of this yet-to-be-proven trifecta of NBA talent. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at what the so-called experts are saying via sports books about the Heat’s chances to win an NBA Championship this upcoming season.

Enough people continuously tune in while shouting out “I love this game” to where the gambling dollars in basketball don’t make or break its ratings or even touch its overall popularity. But money still rules – just ask Tim Donaghy and his overactive whistle about the influence sports betting carries.

Unlike the games you’ll find at the best online casino, however, basketball is something beautiful to watch and the proverbial lucky card must always be earned in the long run.

LeBron James, back-to-back league MVP, and All-Star and fellow Olympic gold medalist Chris Bosh, join Dwayne Wade to form what can only be described as one of the most impressive on-paper powerhouses in the history of the NBA. The pure talent the Heat put on the floor is impossible for the odds makers to overlook.

Basketball isn’t an online video poker game, so nailing these odds down doesn’t come easy for anyone. And you also have to consider that they’ve yet to play a regular season game in Miami. Even still, the Heat tip the scales like strict heavyweight prize fighters, taking precedence over back-to-back NBA Champions the LA Lakers.

The Lakers, defending Champions and looking for their fourth consecutive appearance in the Finals, open up at an impressive 3:1 to take the title for a third year running. With Kobe, Gasol, Fisher, Artest, Odom and other superstars returning, the Lakers haven’t skipped a beat and are looking as strong as ever.

Miami, to hear the betting world tell it, looks even stronger, however, and are pushing the league’s most impressive preseason odds at 8/5. In language everyone understands: that means a $5 bet nets you $8 with a Heat championship win, whereas $1 with the Lakers gets you $3. Needless to say, the odds look fairly one-sided at this juncture.

Will the odds adjust as the season begins and starts to wear on? Of course they will; they have to. But what’s so astounding here is that we’re speaking about a team yet to even play a game.

In the Eastern Conference, the Orlando Magic are sitting well behind at 8:1, and the Boston Celtics are being undersold for the fourth consecutive year, coming in at 12:1.

It’s never a foregone conclusion, obviously, but the betting experts are positive the Heat will win it all this year. This is leaving them to cover their rear ends quickly, not even putting out even money for a Miami victory.

They might as well be setting internet roulette odds to attempt to gauge the entire league this early in the process, but it is what it is and the entire betting world sees LeBron and company walking away with some hardware come season’s end.

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