NBA Betting 101

If there is one sport that best suits online sports gambling, it’s basketball.  Compared to other sports, basketball is simple to understand.  Each team has only 12 players on the court, and on average they score around 100 points a game in increments of one, two, or three ,which makes the point spread perfect for betting. 

The NBA player props are also fun and easy to bet on. There are plenty of talented players at any given time, and their statistical output remains more consistent – making their performance more predictable.

The most popular way to bet online on the NBA is by trying to predict the amount of points a star player will score in a game.  However, bets like these aren’t only limited to how many points a player score.  If a player shines in a particular area of the game, like rebounds, the player prop of that particular play might ask for the predicted number of points and rebounds for any given game.

Betting on the NBA is very similar to playing online poker.  You must pay attention to all components in order to have the best chances at higher gains.  Don’t underestimate the power of paying attention, because it gives your game a little extra time to bring to light certain trends, which could make you a more accurate player. 

Although some math may be involved if a gambler wishes to make a solid bet on the NBA player props, it’s relatively painless.  Basketball couples well with statistical analysis making the numbers easier to trust.  The basketball form of statistical analysis is called APBRmetrics, or Association for Professional Basketball Research metrics.  Gamblers are able to find quality statistical analysis on web sites, such as Basketball Prospectus and 82games.

As a quick tip, gamblers are advised to watch out when placing a standard single-game bet, which requires them to focus on points per game while comparing players and teams.  There are a lot of other factors such as time in the game and attempted shots, which can affect a players stats.

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