‘NBA Playgrounds’ Is Like A Modern Day ‘NBA Jams’

NBA Playgrounds

Growing up, I was addicted to basketball video games.. Jordan vs. Bird: One on One, Arch Rival, Super High Impact, and of course, NBA Jam!

Now, developer Saber Interactive is reviving that retro appeal with an upcoming video game, NBA Playgrounds. Dropping next month for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC for $20 (via download), NBA Playgrounds brings back that two-on-two, fast-paced, fun, arcade style basketball game that we all know and love.

The game’s officially licensed by the NBA, so we’re set to see both active and inactive players. Players like Allen Iverson face off against Steph Curry and George Hill in the trailer, and who knows, we may get classic teams like Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls in the mix too.

The game is developed by Saber Interactive, whose CEO Matt Karch is calling it accessible enough for anyone to pick up and play, but still has a lot of depth for the hardcore player. Apparently, it contains hundreds of dunks and moves to perform in your pursuit of the net.

As you can see in the trailer above, there’s plenty of over-the-top dunks and slick moves to pull off as players display crazy acrobatic kills on many different playgrounds across the world. I can’t wait for this!

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