The Parents Of Basketball Stars – A Journey To Success

Being the parent of a basketball player or basketball loving child can be tiring. Between having to run them around to matches or pick up games to decking them out in the latest basketball fan gear, it can be hard to keep track of it all. However if you’re the parent of a basketball player that really wants to exceed it can be even more taxing! You want to support your child through anything and everything, that means making sacrifices. Sacrifices that not only the parent but the child should make. Keeping them on the right track towards basketball stardom is part of what makes you such a great support system! Here are some common mistakes that young players make and some ways to avoid them.

These common mistakes are exactly that, common. Chances are if you’re coaching your young one to become the best basketball player they can be then they’re going to make some of these mistakes! For most children or young adults working hard when all they want to do is have fun can be challenging. That’s why most young up and coming basketball players make the common mistake of only doing the minimum required amount of work. You’ll never get anywhere like that! Rushing through conditioning training or practice is not the way to succeed.

Another common mistake is placing the importance on offensive skills and completely ignoring the ever important defensive skillset. Placing more practice into offensive skills while not practicing any defensive skills makes for a sloppy player. Remind your child that learning both sides of the coin is the best way to become a more rounder and valuable player.  Don’t neglect one set of skills just because the other is more flashy or a greater source of pride.

Of course there are those moments when you’re just going to be incredibly proud of them. When they’ve put in the effort, put in the hours, and are doing great out on the court. When that happens you’re going to have your camera out! Snapping action shots and getting great pictures that will last a lifetime. A great way to make sure they last a lifetime is to visit Shutterfly! There you can make collages and personalized gifts for the whole family featuring your up and coming basketball star.

A few other common mistakes to keep in mind when leading your child on their path to success is that many young players take bad shots whenever they get the ball, they don’t allow themselves to be coached, and they care more about personal stats than they do the overall score. Keep these in mind and avoiding them will be a breeze! 

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